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3D Printer: Tobeca 2

Written by simon_Bucket

Quick Brief about the Tobeca 2

The Tobeca 2 is an open source 3D printer design and build in France. This is my first 3D printer so I will not be able to give you a good comparison with other printers (Prusa i3, BQ Hephestos, Makerbot, etc).

The printer is sold as a kit but Tobeca provide a list of official distributor able to mount the kit for you, available here.

Why the Tobeca 2

I chose the Tobeca 2 for many reasons. The first of them is that this 3D Printer is transportable. As I’m travelling and moving a lot, I can when I want bring it with me, the printer can fit easily on a baggage and is easy to mount.

The other advantage of the printer is the specifications of it:

  • Build volume (X, Y, Z): 200x200x250mm
  • Layer Resolutions: 50µm to 300µm
  • Speed: 200mm/s
  • Support Material: PLA, ABS, dissolvable natural PLA

Especially the build volume which fit perfectly with my projects. I have to print some big pieces for my Beechcraft 200 Home Cockpit so the Tobeca 2 is perfect for me.

The Tobeca 2 can also be fitted with the following options:

  • LCD screen to control the printer without computer
  • Double extruder

Tobeca 2 the build from the kit

I choose to buy directly a Kit to save money 🙂 and to know my printer better!

I don’t have any pictures from my Tobeca 2 build but I can give you my feedback here.

I spent around 1 day (10 hours) to build it. For a DIY fan, there are no difficulties to build it. The Manual (available here) delivered with the printer is well detailed but only in French.

You can have also access to a forum (in French too) from Tobeca for any problem you may have.

Feel free to contact me if you encounter any problem by building your Tobeca 2 kit, I will be happy to help you.

Where to buy you Tobeca 2?

You can buy directly your Tobeca 2 on the official store of Tobeca here. You can also buy it from a distributor (the list is available here). I choose to buy it directly from a distributor: 3D Moniak, in Paris – France Area. 3D Moniak was helpful with me, I recommend you them.

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