Beech 200 DIY Home Cockpit

Beech 200 Home Cockpit: The Project

Written by simon_Bucket

Why the Beech 200 Home Cockpit?

As you probably now I’m a former Aviation Professional, and I spent most of my career by working with this wonderful aircraft. I also had the opportunity to fly the King Air and trust me this aircraft is amazing!

From bush flights to medium haul flights, you can do everything with this aircraft. Land on short unpaved runway, perform a 3 hours flight, this aircraft is perfect to have a full range of type of flights.

When the home cockpit will be done, I will be able to fly easily without a long preparation. This aircraft is like your personal car. No long setup are required before flying such has for a Jetliner.

The other advantage of the Beechcraft 200 is that it’s an aircraft fitted with “classical” avionics which is the best to learn flying.

You can find some Beech 200 with full EFIS avionics (Garmin 1000, Proline 21) but mine will be a mix of “classical” and EFIS avionics:


  • EADI / EHSI for the captain side,
  • Classical ADI / HIS for the first officer side,
  • Garmin GTN 750 & 650


So now let’s speak about the status of this project

What I already made?

 The first things I made before starting the building is the modeling of the aircraft.

For this I used Sketchup, one of my favorite tools. I made a review of this software available here.

This modeling is one of the most important step of the home cockpit building process. This helped me to determine the dimensions of most of the cockpit items.

I also had the opportunity to have access to the aircraft which helped me a lot. I used also the help of other Beech 200 cockpit builders website, like “SimuCockpit”.

I also use the modeling in order to 3D prints the items, and build them myself.


Most of all the items of the cockpit are already modelized, but some need to be done.

The list of all the items I have modelized:

  • Cockpit Structure
  • MIP
  • Panels
  • Garmin GTN 750 / 650
  • Pedestal
  • Autopilot panel
  • Bezels
  • Etc

Regarding the construction I start to build the MIP:

I am also presently working on different items, Avionics bezel and GTN 750 / 650

You will be able to find on this blog more details articles regarding each items of my Beechcraft 200 cockpit.


What is the next of the project?

 I need first to finished the MIP (Bezels, Electronics, wirings).

Once the MIP will be finished the next step will be the programing, which will be a long step!

This step will also be detailed in a future article.

Then the last step will be the cockpit structure building

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