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Home Cockpit Simulator: What it is?

Written by simon_Bucket

What is a home cockpit?

Some of you guys may discover this hobby and don’t know exactly what is a Home Cockpit.

Home cockpits has been developed for all aviation simulation enthusiast who wanted more reality in simulation.

Indeed, with simulation software for public such as Flight simulator or more professional like P3D, are limited in terms of interactions.


For the less equipped, to fly a plane on these simulators is with a simple joystick. For others, there are different modules that take over some or all aircraft function.


We can find different materials allowing a better reality of piloting.

Cockpit builders simply want more reality in simulation. For this, some of them buy modules that are ready made, others build them themselves.

This goes from the partial reproduction of an aircraft type, to the realization of an entire cockpit taking over all the features of the aircraft.

You will find in the section “My links” websites of different cockpit builders, from the Cessna 172 to the Boeing 747.


Why Home Cockpit is one of my favorite hobbies?

The Home Cockpit construction is a hobby taking up many of my passions:

–  Aviation

– Electronics,

– 3D modeling,

– And the DIY!

It is for all these reasons that building home cockpit pleases me.

In addition to this, once the realization is completed there is the pleasure of Flying.


What are my home cockpit simulator project?

In this blog, you will be able to follow the advance of my simulator project. (Here)

Beechcraft 200 – King Air

My first realization (still in progress) is a Beechcraft 200 (King Air) available here.

 Cessna 172

My second project will be a Cessna 172, to improve my piloting skills (such are Instrument Flight). This project will be less complicated than the Beech 200 but will take me some time to complete!

Boeing 747-400

The third project will be a Jet aircraft and not a small one: the Boeing 747-400! Why this aircraft? Just because this aircraft is wonderful and a professional dedicated software has been made for cockpit builders.

Bell 206

The last home cockpit project I have in mind will be a helicopter: the Bell 206. Also like the 747 a good software exists and will make my realization more realistic.


I know what you probably think: it’s a lot!

Indeed, the realization of one cockpit takes already a long time then the realization of 4 cockpits …

I will take all my time to realize them and you will be able to follow on this blog all the progresses of these different projects.

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