My First Round the World Trip: The Project

Written by simon_Bucket

Why this Round the World Trip?

First because I want to do a Round the World Trip. Initially I wanted to did it before my 30 but as I was not able to did it, I will perform it in March 2017.

If you read my blog since the beginning, you know that in March 2017 I will change my life. Stop my actual job, and try to live only from my businesses.

The World Tour will be a good opportunity to start my new life!

I have also some friends to visit and business things to performed. So, this tour will be a combination of business and pleasure. I schedule to do it in Mars, at the end of my actual contract, that’s mean that I have less than 2 months to book and organize everything.

Short you maybe think, but for me this is more than enough!

The destinations I want 

I already have some personal and business meetings scheduled, I will just add this place in my tour:

  • Seattle to visit some friends.
  • San Diego for business.

I have also other destinations in mind:

  • Asia for rest and enjoy the sun!  😉
  • Japan, I wanted to go there since a long time

The goals?

I have also some personals goals during this tour:

  • Travel most of the time in Business Class or why not in First for some legs.
  • Obtain the maximum miles with SkyTeam to be Flying Blue Platinum member at the end of the year 2017.
  • Share with you the construction of the project and my journey.
  • Find a spot for 2 or 3 weeks to work
  • Try to find a new business opportunity (especially in Asia)

What’s next?

This tour should respect some rules to be efficient.

I will definite a budget and try to respect it. Of course, I will try to be a tour the cheapest possible. The next steps will be:

  • Finalize to choose the destinations
  • Organize the schedule.
  • Work on the budget, definite it and share it with you
  • Find Tickets and buy them

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