Why this Page?

You are maybe wondering why I dedicate a special page for my tools. Let me reply you quickly:

Without them I’m (almost) nothing!

What I call “My tools” is everything helping me by living my passions and doing my business.

My tools range from the computer and software to the small gear that I never separate during travels.

Let’s see my tools

MacBook Pro 2013

The most useful of my tools! Since I switch from PC to Mac I see the life different. Even if I still use PC for some application, I cannot live without my Mac now.

My Mac is a 2013 edition and starting to be slow (you now when you realized that you are faster than the machine) so I will switch to the New MacBook Pro.


Even if I don’t use a lot my iPad, it’s help me a lot. Just a quick example, when I’m too lazy to take my Macbook!

iPhone 6

The other useful tools I have always on me. I have nothing to say more that you don’t know yet about it.

3D Printer Tobeca 2

One of my most useful buy. With this 3D printer, I can work on my home cockpits project and realize some DIY things.

The most advantage of this printer is that it is transportable! As I’m travelling and moving a lot, I can when I want bring it with me, the printer can fit easily on a baggage and is easy to mount. Find an article about this printer here

Canon Eos 600D

I don’t use it a lot but for “my new life” I have some project for him! With the camera, I can take pictures (yes trust me!) and videos in HD. Some of my projects will required pictures with good quality and professional videos, so my camera will help me!

GoPro Hero 3

One of the best investment I made. Even if it is not the last model from GoPro I am completely satisfied with it!

DisplayPort to HDMI Adaptor

The things I never travel without!

FitBit Charge

I always wear it except when I have a special event where I need to be well dressed. This watch help me to get more motivate to do sport and to understand and follow my health.


Of course you know this software. I’m using it for more than 10 years. If you use an other Email software which you think is better than Outlook, share it with me!


I’m using Sketchup for 2 years now. Before I was completely new to 3D design and now thanks to this simple and free software I can just pretend to do everything. From the design of parts for my home cockpit to the layout of an apartment, this software is magic.

Drone GoPro

There is a lot Drones available in the market now, DJI, Parrot and many others. I would like to buy this one as I like the GoPro stuff but also as the specificity are looking amazing. When I will buy it, you will have of course a full review of it.

New Macbook Pro

As you red above, I’m a Mac user. My Actual MacBook is starting to be a little be old (I have it since 4 years now) that’s why I want to change it to the last one. First I will bank some money for it…

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