Who I Am

Let’s introduce myself!

First let speak about me, I’m a French guy who just turn to 30 y/o with a huge motivation to change my life.

I have a lot of passions and I aim to live only financially from them.

Some of my principals interest are:

  • Aviation Fan – #AvGeek

  • Frequent traveler

  • DIY

  • Entrepreneur

  • Home Cockpit Builder

I am also a former aviation professional who just left a good paid job to start a new life.

Most of my project are directly linked to my first passion: Aviation!

Some of them will be only entertaining such as my cockpits simulators projects and the others will be more focus on business.

Why this blog?

This blog has been made first to share my projects, from hobbies to business. Since long time ago I started a lot of projects which for most of them I never finished. For multiple reason, from motivation to time. Now as I’m a “free” man, freed from professional constraints I will have enough time complete all of them.

This blog will help me to reach my goals and complete all the projects I launch.

You readers of this blog will be my motivation and will be witnesses of my projects.

So I will not have any excuse to give up! I rely on you to motivate and help me in the realization of these projects and life goals.

To support this blog I got the idea of a bucket list, (available here) and constantly updated by my next and actual projects.

Last things: has you can read my English is not perfect so Thank you for your indulgence!

So now, I have only to start and it’s NOW!

Feel free to contact me (here), and follow me on Twitter.